About Us

Genesis of the organization

The applicant organization is state level organization involved in development sector since 1993 with special focus on changes in the life of poorest especially Muslim, SC and most backward communities. It was formed by group of youth. The organization’s members are represented by Muslim, backward and women. The core ideology of the organization is based on Gandhian philosophy. It believes that the holistic changes are possible through active participation of women and youth. Currently, the organization is involved in 73 Panchayats of three districts namely Pratapgarh, Jaunpur and Allahabad district of U.P. The major program is consisting of women & child development, youth development, community mobilization through forming community based groups, and local governance. The said program is supported by both national and international supporting organizations. The organization’s program and activities are executed by the group of experienced and qualified personnel. The organization has been quite successful to assist community in receiving benefits under various govt. schemes. Currently, we are having the well established library having the books of cost Rs. 6 lacs.

Communities with whom the organization is working-

From its inception the organization is working with CHAMAR & PASSI community under the category of SC. This particular community is socially and economically backward even among various castes of SC. Among Muslim, the focus is on JULAHA, MANIHAR, JOGI & FAKIR, BEHNA, RANE communities. These communities are economically very poor due to their job in which they are involved. They are exploited by moneylenders because of huge money taken as loan leading to indebtness.

Tarun Chetna has been working in the Pratapgarh region with women belonging to the excluded community and with a special focus to single women. For the single women, the emphasis has been on women who by choice or due to any other reason live single or divorced or widowed they are not given due importance socially. They also lack livelihood opportunities. The single women has to bear the brunt of maintaining herself, her dependent children and other dependents (Parents, sibling, in-laws etc), safety and security of her own self and children, right to land property, custody of the children, prevention of torture and insult and social maligning etc.