Awareness And Women Action for Justice (AAWAJ)

Awareness And Women Action for Justice “AAWAJ”    

Under this project, we are going to focus on Muslim women, who are at the lowest strata of the social hierarchy of Muslim community in India. In this situation the Muslim women is very backward in two way barriers due to their religious tradition as like Parda, Fatwa and other social barriers etc.


Poorest Women and Adolescent Girls of Muslims and Dalit Community, mainly focuses on Muslim Women.


The Pratapgarh district is having 17 development blocks. The proposed project will be executed in 06 Muslim majority villages in the development block Patti and Aaspur Devesara of sub district-Patti in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. There were all most back ward Muslim community are living in proposed village. We have envisaged covering 03+03=06 Gram Panchayat (list is annexed) of the both block. The details information about the targeted villages are given below:-


Right based Socio-Economic Empowerment of Dalit and Muslims Community especially focuses on Muslim Women in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh.


  1. Responsive local self governance to promote articulation of the needs of Muslim community.
  2. To economic development through generating livelihood opportunities for Muslim women.
  3. Policy advocacy to break the patterns of public inertia on critical issue effecting the Muslim women as like Talak, Parda, Fatwa, domestic violence female foeticide and land right etc

Muslim women empowerment to increasing access to information about entitlement and their rights.