Empowring Rural Women Project

About the Project

Project Name: Empowering Rural Women

Project Duration: 01st April 2012 to 31st March 2015

Funder: Jamshed Ji Tata Trust/Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai

ERW project is running from 1st April 2012 in 20 Gram Panchayats of Patti block of Pratapgarh. The main objectives of the project is to make unite the women of socially excluded community (especially Dalit and Muslim women) in a women federation, due to which they can collected and take their rights given in Indian constitution. They can do the advocacy issues related to women at every level.

It is very poor strength of the women especially Dalit to participate in local issues at local level. About every political parties known & treat them as a vote bank only, because of their high population. There reach is very poor to the Govt. officials and politician. They cannot benefit most of the Govt. Schemes and programs run under Panchayati Raj Institution, because their names are not in BPL list but they have BPL Ration Card. They work hard for their livelihood, due to which they haven’t united and they cannot get any benefits. It is a need to organize them and aware about their rights under Indian constitution and make them able to come forward for their rights. They became aware and they can fight for their rights with government machinery and local governance.

The women specially Dalit, Muslim, single & extremely poor cannot fully participates in Open Meeting of Gram Sabha due to lack of knowledge and information. They also face ignorance in participation under Panchayat level decisions, which is violation of 73rd revision of constitutions.

  • Before that, Pradhan runs all the activities of Gram Panchayat. But now Women federation support to prepare the schemes and work plan in Panchayat.
  • There was no Gram Sabha meeting held. But now, the pressure of women federation makes the Gram Sabha meeting mostly held in our intervention area.
  • The participation of excluded community especially women of Dalit & Muslim are very nominal in Gram Sabha open meeting. Now with the support of women federation the participation of these communities increased.
  • If there is any female Pradhan selected, but her husband/father-in-law/son worked on behalf of her, but now the female Pradhan active to work.
  • There were very nominal people aware about the Panchayati Raj Institution and 73rd constitution revision. After the training and awareness program, they aware about Panchayati Raj Institutions.
  • If there is any female Pradhan selected, but her husband/father-in-law/son worked on behalf of her and they done exploitation with her. But now the female Pradhan aware about their rights and now exploitation reduced.


The women of our intervention area became aware about their rights. Due to lots of hurdles, it is not possible for 100 days works in MNREGA. But, the leaders and other members of women federation have given written demand for jobs and it makes the participation of women in MNREGA increased. To discourage the myths that women are weak, the women of federation applied for job card on her name, written job demand and helpline number. If, she not got the job, she demands for unemployment wages. Now, the excluded community especially Dalit and Muslim women cannot get 100 days job in MNREGA in our intervention areas. Due to which, her economical and social condition of community is not increasing. The changing of the condition is increasing by and by, due to awareness building and knowledge development of the community by the project team.