Farmers’ Action for Sustainable Agro-based Livelihood- FASAL

Basic information

  • Name of CSO: Tarun Chetna Sansthan , Pratapgarh, UP
  • Project name: Farmers’ Action for Sustainable Agro-based Livelihood- FASAL
  • Project period: 3 years (February 2012 to January 2015)
  • Supported by: Sir Dorab ji Tata Trust, Mumbai
  • Lead Partner: People Actions for National Integration-PANI, Faizabad, UP
  • Reporting period: 1 2013 to 31March. 2014.

Brief background of the program:

The project is designed to enhance the social and economic status of small and marginal farmers with special focused on women through generating livelihood opportunities based on agriculture and animal husbandry of two village Panchayats of Patti block of Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. The women have been given central focus as they do not enjoy the benefits, socially and economically in agriculture and in animal husbandry work despite major contribution in comparison to man. In addition, the village community also does not provide such environment in which the contribution of women could be recognized or to be given importance. FASAL project are implemented in two village panchayats of Patti block at Pratapgarh district in U.P.

The land productivity of the targeted village panchayats is affected due to having sodic land nature. Moreover, the area does not have relevant atmosphere and opportunities to use animals as their livelihood. They are following traditional methods to rear their animals as a result they did not get maximum results so FASAL project is mainly concentrated on sodic land reclamation and animal husbandry as well as agro forestry. During the past, such initiatives were not taken in the target areas. Third year of the project is focused on demonstration & linking the project with external organizations and programs.

In addition, the process will be commenced to share the responsibilities and opportunities with the formed community based groups of project management in major manner. The proposed project would ensure active and maximum participation of village community, through forming different community based groups like farmers’ groups, self help groups etc at all level. In addition, they will be given sufficient technical inputs in order to manage the program even after cessation of project period. First phase of FASAL project is designed for three years, out of which first two years will be focused on mobilization of village community, enhancing the knowledge and skill of the targeted community, and providing financial and material support.