Save the Girl Child


Efforts in realization the Gender Equitable Society by eliminating illegal practices of pre birth sex determination and ensuring activation of birth registration system as well as effective enforcement of the PCPNDT act & RBD act in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh.


  1. Sensitization of the community towards the issue of female foeticide. Enhance the knowledge of 80% of community member on harmful effects of female foeticide and benefit of birth  registration.
  2. To develop institutional mechanism for proper enforcement of PCPNDT act & RBD act at Tahsil and District level.
  3. To raise birth registration up to 35% at the end of project.
  4. To create an enable environment in the district by PRI, SHGs and local NGOs for gender balanced society.



Mobilization of community:          

  1. Base line survey- A baseline survey by using PRA tools will be carried out in the targeted area. The basic purpose of the survey is to having an understanding of the intensity of the problem and the resource availability. The results of survey would serve as yardstick of developing the roadmap of project implementation. This process will be conducted in the first quarter of 1st year of project duration.
  2. Village meeting for Rapport Building- 1 day village meeting will be organized in all hamlets in proposed each village panchayat in the 1st quarter during every year. Thus 2 communities meeting will be done in each gram panchayat. The village meetings will be instrumental in building rapport with the community and to orient the community about the project.
  3. Quarterly Meeting with Stakeholders- 03 sensitization meeting will be organized with different stake holders like ASHA, ANM, ABW and business group (Byapar mandal), medical stores owner etc in each year.
  4. Formation of SHGs/Youth Groups– Maximum 2 SHGs/ youth groups will be formed in each gram panchayat. 10 to 19 members will each SHGs. Total 54 either SHGs or youth group will be formed during 1st All group meeting conduct every month and discussion will be done on their right and basic needs. The SHGs and youth groups will become wider platform of female foeticide and birth registration who will also solve their problems related social and economical matters.

Development of communication Material

Development of IEC Materials – 05 days practically training will be organized in 1st year for developing IEC materials. In this material development training, participant will be community and project staff. This workshop will be assist to develop IEC material and its usage for dissemination of the information and making awareness in targeted area.

Training on Street Play & Puppet Show- – 05 days training will organized in 1st year for cultural team building. The participants of the training would be project staffs and the community’s representatives. The training will assist to develop cadre of the puppet show and street play who will conduct their shows in project area from time to time.

 Sensitization Programme:

At District Level

District level Advocacy Workshop- One day district level sensitization workshop will be organize with NGOs representative, social activist, media person, PCPNDT committee members, Ultrasound centre owner and ICDS department. In this advocacy meeting, an understanding on female foeticide and birth registration and plan of action would be developed in order to check the problem. This workshop will organize in 1st and 2nd year in project duration.

Rally at District level- – Project team will conduct one day motivation rally. The rally will be attended by school children, NGOs, NCC, SHGs and NSS. D.M. / CMO will flag this rally.

Quarterly PPNDT Meeting- For the activation of District and Tehsil level, PCPNDT committee meeting will be organized. 4 meetings will be held in every year.

Sensitization workshop with IMA & FOGSI- IMA & FOGSI organization is impressive alliance of doctors and female doctors. One day sensitization workshop will be organized with IMA & FOGSI member at district level in each year.

Street Play/ Puppet show- One street play or puppet show will be display by professional communication team in every nayay panchayat, block, district and other turning places. Minimum 05 show will be conducted in each 2nd quarter.

College Seminar – One day college seminar and competition programme will be organized in district level with Intermediate & Degree College in every year. In this seminar, lecturer, poster competition will be organized.

At Block Level

  1. Block level Sensitization Workshop- One day block level sensitization workshop will be organize with NGOs representative, social activist, media person, PCPNDT committee members, Ultrasound centre owner and ICDS, PRI & health department. The workshop would assist to make an understanding on female foeticide and birth registration. This workshop will organize in every year in project duration.
  2. Rally at Block level- Project team will organized one day motivation rally in 2nd quarter of every year at block level. The rally will be attended by near about 200 people represented by school children, NGOs, NCC, SHGs and NSS member will participate in this rally. BDO / MOIC will flag this rally.
  3. Birth Registration Camp – For increasing the birth registration one day birth registration camp will be organized at block level on half yearly basis. PRI officers and target community will participate in this camp and provide registration certificate to needy persons.
  4. Exhibition Camp – One day Exhibition camp will be organized in each year of whole project area for one day as prevention programme. In this mela film show, photo exhibition, seminar, baby show competition program with health examination & immunization services will be conducted. It is like a Block level interface camp on Birth registration & Female Foeticide issues. Govt. officers of health & PRI department will participate as resource person for health facility information.
  5. College Seminar – One day college seminar and competition programme will be organized in block level with Intermediate & Degree College. In this seminar, lecturer, poster competition will be organized.

At Village Level

  1. Birth Right Campaign- Once in each year, project will organize the 7 days Birth Right Campaign in first week of March in each village every year and will culminate on 8 March as world women’s day. In this campaign success story of the birth registration and prevention of female foeticide will be disseminated to the community.

At targeted Community Level

  1. Sensitizing meeting with Youth & SHGs- One day sensitizing workshop of youth group and SHGs members will be conduct in half yearly. 50 male & female persons will be participating in this meeting. SHGs members and youth groups will discuss on the birth registration and prevention of female foeticide.
  2. Creative Wall Painting- During the project period, creative Wall slogans will be organized in each village. 02 slogans with picture will be created in each village. This activity will generate a healthy environment and spread massage about project theme.
  1. Publicity through Audio/Video/Print media- One press meeting, advertise or video show and cinema slide show will be held on each quarter in every year.

Women Empowerment:

  1. Training on Gender & Leadership Development- 3 days residential training will be conducted in 1st year focusing on SHG women and rural female will be sensitized and understand on gender discrimination. A resource person will be hired from out side. This training will help the participant for Leadership development & gender sensitization.
  1. Family Life Education CentersWe have envisaged to family life education centers in each nyaya panchayat for adolescent girls and newly wed women. This centre will encompass both information dissemination centre related to family life like physiological and psychological turmoil during adolescence, family planning, role of a girl after marriage, adjustments to be made etc. as well as running of Skill development classes. Skill development classes are the lure for the girls to get the educational information. Two centres will be managed by one instructor.
  1. Celebration of International Women’s Day- One Women Day celebration camp will be held on the occasion of International Women’s Day at every 08 March. In this camp, public seminar, competition, poster exhibition and street play will be conduct. Near about 250 SHGs members and other stakeholders will be participate in this event.

Staff Capacity Building:

  1. Training on Female Foeticide & Birth Registration- 04 days residential training programme will be organized overview on Birth registration & Female Foeticide issues for all project staff. The resource team from resource organization namely VATSALYA-Lucknow will be hired for this training.
  2. Training on Human Right and Advocacy Tools- 03 days residential training Programme capacity building on lobbying & advocacy on the issues on Birth registration & Female Foeticide will be conducted.
  3. Annual & Monthly Project Review/ planning meeting- Annual & Monthly review and planning of project performance will be done at end of every month and six monthly basis.